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ATLIN Vise Jaws 6

ATLIN Vise Jaws 6" - Nylon, Non Marring Soft Jaws - Multi-Purpose Design for Gunsmithing, Woodworking, Jewelry Making, Plumbing

Forget the days of your vise jaws causing marring, nicks, or scratches on your projects. The ATLIN 6" vise jaw pads are crafted from a tough, but soft, non-marring nylon material and are designed specifically for holding delicate materials such as anodized or threaded items. Due to the multi-purpose grooved design, these vice jaws are popular among those who participate in woodworking, gunsmithing, and jewelry making. WILL THIS FIT MY VISE? The ATLIN soft jaw pads will fit any vise of 6" in length or greater. Customers often use the ATLIN Vice Jaws on their machine vises, milling vises, drill press vises, armorers vises, and bench vises. There is no need to worry about bolts or screws, because the nylon jaws use 3 neodymium magnets to attach to your vise. WHAT ARE THE DIMENSIONS OF THE VISE PARTS? ATLIN Vise Inserts measure 6" in length Groove Sizes (⌀): 3/8" @ 60° angle | vertical grooves: 1/4", 1/8", 1/16" 5/8" | horizontal groove: 1/4" - See second photo for further details. BEST USES The ATLIN Jaw Grips are perfect for many applications, such as: Plumbing and Tubing - Groove sizes and angles are great for holding pipe, tubing, AN fittings, and other similar objects Gunsmithing - Whether you are installing sights, or making more complicated adjustments, these vise jaws w...

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  • Item ID: B07848T22X
  • Color: Green
  • Brand: ATLIN
  • ASIN: B07848T22X
  • UPC: 867955000444
  • Part No: GHT1003A
Yost Vises 465 6.5

Yost Vises 465 6.5" Heavy-Duty Utility Combination Pipe and Bench Vise

The Yost Vises Apprentice series utility combination pipe and bench vise has a 360-degree swivel base and mounts to a workbench to provide clamping action for light-duty applications. The 360-degree swivel base featuring (2) lockdowns, adjusts the direction of the jaws for proper placement. Hand-tightening the lock knob on the base secures its position. The vise has a cast iron body with steel U-channel bar for durability and has a flat portion that acts as an anvil and additional work surface. The hardened steel top jaws can be replaced when worn, and the built-in cast iron pipe jaws are grooved for enhanced grip. The jaws draw closer together or farther apart by turning the vise handle clockwise or counterclockwise.

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  • Item ID: B009AGG4DW
  • Color: Blue
  • Brand: Yost Tools
  • ASIN: B009AGG4DW
  • UPC: 724137749365
  • Part No: 465
Felled Chainsaw Sharpening Vise, Chainsaw Accessories Stump Vise - Chainsaw Vise Chainsaw Tool, Saw Vise, Filing -

Felled Chainsaw Sharpening Vise, Chainsaw Accessories Stump Vise - Chainsaw Vise Chainsaw Tool, Saw Vise, Filing Vise

If you take care of your chainsaw and maintain the blade, the chain will cut quicker and easier, and the chain will last longer. The Felled | Chainsaw Vice is adjustable to fit all chain sizes, and the jaws securely lock bar in place with heavy duty thumb screw. The angle is more consistent and your file cuts better when the chain is solid. Push the vise into a stump, place the saw bar into the vise, and tighten the thumb screw. Set the chain brake so the chain does not move, and release to advance the chain to the next teeth. This setup allows you to not stoop over your work. Do not be left with dull blades or constantly replace your chain and instead keep your chain in pristine cutting condition with this chain saw vise. Chainsaw not included, files sold separately. WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals which is [are] known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to

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  • Item ID: B07G3KDTDQ
  • Brand: Felled
  • UPC: 811498035791
  • Part No: 5791
Heat Wave Visual Vise Z87 Sunglasses in -

Heat Wave Visual Vise Z87 Sunglasses in Sunblast

Another California born classic - a meeting of styles between our best selling Regulator and Cruiser frames, we're putting the game in a choke hold with our latest sunglasses.Uncompromising and bold, the superior design of the Vise is evident with its hard lines, squared up shape and relaxed fit. Pushing further into the realm of function - We present the VISE Z87. Built off of our best-selling VISE frame, The VISE Z87 meets ANSI Z.87 impact requiremens featuring non-removable 2mm thick lenses to aid in protection against basic impacts and flying debris, which enables the VISE to transcend just that of a regular pair of sunglasses. Ready to go with you virtually anywhere giving you increased protection; From riding, to the job site and all the way back home in the shop, the VISE Z87 has you covered. The VISE Z87 meets OSHA eyewear specifications for jobs not requiring side shields and chemical splash resistance.

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  • Item ID: B07K7Y3LDQ
  • Color: Black
  • Brand: Heat Wave Visual
  • ASIN: B07K7Y3LDQ
Kurt DX6 Vise with 9

Kurt DX6 Vise with 9" Opening, 6" Size, 4.360" Height, 7.391" Width, 16.810" Length, Blue

The evolutionary DX6 CrossOver Vise combines all the great features o the world-renowned KURT D688 and 3600V vises, along with new state-o-the-art work holding features. DX6 CrossOver achieves new levels in precision and performance where lateness and parallelism are important and is a better vise than our own D688 in every way we measure a vise. With KURT’S MADE IN AMERICA commitment, the DX6 CrossOver is destined to become the go-to vise for todays machining applications.

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  • Item ID: B01LXAUU7J
  • Color: Blue
  • Brand: Kurt
  • Part No: DX6
Robert de Visée: French Baroque Masterpieces for the Classical -

Robert de Visée: French Baroque Masterpieces for the Classical Guitar

Robert de Visée (c.1655 - c.1732) was a French guitarist and composer who became a chamber musician to the court of Louis XIV. In 1709 he became a singer in the Royal Chapel, and in 1719 was appointed to the position of guitar teacher to Louis XIV. During his lifetime he published several books, including "Livre de Guitarre dedié au Roy," Paris, 1682, and "Livre de Pièces pour Guitarre," Paris, 1686. The arrangements in this book are drawn mainly from those sources, as well as from manuscripts in the Bibliotheque nationale, Paris.All of the arrangements in this book are designed for performance, and have been made in the spirit of Baroque music practice.

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  • Item ID: 1545531404
  • ASIN: 1545531404
Yost 750-E Rotating Bench -

Yost 750-E Rotating Bench Vise

The Yost 750-E is a multi-jaw rotating vise. Made from 30, 000 psi cast iron, this vise is designed for home workshops. For extra versatility in the shop, the head of the vise rotates a full 360 degrees. The side lock-down allows this vise to be clamped at any angle. The base of the vise can also rotate 360 degrees, allowing for optimal work placement. The vise features three different sets of jaws for gripping parts: Machinist Jaws, Pipe Jaws and V-Jaws. The vise has four mounting holes to securely attach the vise to a workbench. A large anvil work surface is located on the back of the vise. The vise features a 5” jaw width and 5” jaw opening.

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  • Item ID: B00SIQ1DHM
  • Color: Blue
  • Brand: Yost Tools
  • UPC: 789755000120
  • Part No: 750-E
Pieces de Theorbe -

Pieces de Theorbe


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  • Item ID: B002BX4WGC
  • Brand: Glossa
  • ASIN: B002BX4WGC
Wilton 10015 Vise -

Wilton 10015 Vise

Thumbwheel Ratchet Set, 3 Piece, 1/4", 3/8", 1/2" Drive, Quick Release, Color Coded, Non Slip Grips.

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  • Item ID: B00IGG20W6
  • Brand: Wilton
  • ASIN: B00IGG20W6
  • UPC: 731325332261
  • Part No: 10015
VEVOR Engraving Block 5 inch Ball Vise Setting Jewelry Ball Vise Engraving with 34PCS Attachment and Rubber -

VEVOR Engraving Block 5 inch Ball Vise Setting Jewelry Ball Vise Engraving with 34PCS Attachment and Rubber Base

Grabado de 5" bloque Ball Vise Setting Jewelry base de goma con 30 Pcs attachmentDiseñado para una combinación única de soporte de trabajo sólido en un pequeño y sillón Tamaño, tiene un sistema de mandíbula self-centering fabricado para piedra setting, pequeño, grabados, y otros trabajos de precisión. El sistema de freno de rotación interna permite al usuario elegir la cantidad de resistencia de rotación de última intervensión de bloqueo. Su perfil bajo es ideal para trabajo de microscopio EspecificacionesDiámetro de la bola: 130 mmAncho de mandíbula: 64 mmAltura de mandíbula: 38 mmMax apertura: 76 mm Paquete incluye:30 piezas de fijación SetPlatos de maxilar superior1 bola1 llave 5" Engraving Block Ball Vise Setting Jewelry Rubber Base With 30 pcs Attachment Designed for a unique combination of solid work support in a small and maneuverable size, has a self-centering jaw system made for stone setting, small engravings, and other precision work. The internal rotational brake system lets the user choose the amount of rotational resistance from free to locked. Its low profile is suited for microscope work Specifications Ball diameter:130mm Jaw width:64mm Jaw height:38mm Max opening:76mm Package include 30 pieces of attachment set upper jaw plates 1 ball 1 wr...

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  • Item ID: B01LY13RUW
  • Color: 5inch 34 Pc
  • Brand: VEVOR
  • ASIN: B01LY13RUW
  • UPC: 712166586136
  • Part No: MP1035
KOSE VISEE Glossy Rich Eyeshadow Pk-3, 1 -

KOSE VISEE Glossy Rich Eyeshadow Pk-3, 1 Ounce

Coming in a gradient of pinks and with a complementary double-ended eyelid brush, this eye shadow compact allows for a vivid, three-dimensional eye makeup. The glossy base is infused with liquid essence for a pearly, refined finish. The embossed compact case echoes the eye shadow's Rococo colors.

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  • Item ID: B00F5P1CPC
  • Color: PK-3
  • Brand: KOSE VISEE
  • ASIN: B00F5P1CPC
  • UPC: 763109999841
  • Part No: -
Olympia Tool 38-606 6

Olympia Tool 38-606 6" Bench Vise

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  • Model: 38-606
  • Color: Multicolor
  • Size: Clampsvices
  • Price: 46 79
Olympia Tools 4

Olympia Tools 4" Bench Vise, 38-604

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  • Model: 38-604
  • Color: Gray
  • Size: 4 In.4
  • Price: 23 23
Olympia Tool 38-605 5

Olympia Tool 38-605 5" Bench Vise

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  • Model: 38-605
  • Color: Multicolor
  • Size: Clampsvices
  • Price: 35 49
Yost 6-1/2

Yost 6-1/2" Utility Vise, Model 465 Apprentice Series Bench Vise

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  • Model: 465
  • Price: 74 99
Olympia Tools 3

Olympia Tools 3" Clamp Vise

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  • Model: 38-603
  • Color: Multicolor
  • Size: Clampsvices
  • Price: 11 20

8" Bench Vise Clamp Tabletop Vises Swivel Locking Base Work Bench Top anvil

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  • Category: Clamps & Vises
  • Price: 89 USD

4.5"/6" Vise Soft Jaws/Vice Jaw Magnetic Reversible Pads Universal (2 Sets in 1)

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  • Category: Clamps & Vises
  • Price: 11 USD
New 6

New 6" Vises General-Purpose Drill Press Vise with Stationary Base Hand tools

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  • Category: Other Workholding
  • Price: 80 USD
4 Pc Pin Vise Set Hand Held Hollow Handle Black Finish 4 Piece Vice Chuck - Vise Vises

4 Pc Pin Vise Set Hand Held Hollow Handle Black Finish 4 Piece Vice Chuck Sizes

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  • Category: Other Workholding
  • Price: 7 USD


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  • Category: Other Workholding
  • Price: 21 USD

Choosing The Right Fly Tying Vise Part II: Rotary Vises

Vise Vises

This is the follow up video to our first piece " Choosing The Right Fly Tying Vise," which describes the differences and advantages to a rotary vs. a fixed head vise.

Tags: Fly Tying,Kelly Galloup,Fly Tying Vises,Rotary ...